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Church overview:

Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts (CGCM) is an evangelical non-denomination church with 3 congregations (Cantonese, English, and Mandarin which has the biggest congregation) under the same roof, totaling close to 400 people of all ages. Currently, the English congregation holds joint worship service for youths and adults, with average attendance around 50-60 people.

Required qualifications:

  • Possess an M.Div. degree or equivalent from formal theological education from a seminary of the evangelical tradition.
  • Has been ordained.
  • Has experience, in lay/pastoral capacities, serving in a church or other Christian ministries for at least 10 years combined
  • Has 5 years of experience in serving in the church with ministerial and caring functions
  • Good understanding of the culture and dynamics of a church with different language congregations
  • Has demonstrated gifts and enthusiasm in motivating and building up a matured leadership team
  • High proficiency in the English language (speaking, reading, and writing)
  • Clear calling to full-time pastoral ministry.

Other requirements:

  • Has experience in serving in a team leadership church setting, with ability in working together with the leadership in terms of common vision and mission, and can submit and commit to the decision of the church leadership
  • Experience serving in Chinese churches in North America (a plus)
  • Ability to work well with, and provide leadership, to lay leaders
  • Experience in pulpit ministry for English speaking congregation, in accurate Bible exposition and application of the biblical teaching in daily life
  • Experience working in multicultural ministry, with diverse background of participants, and ability to meet their needs and help them grow spiritually
  • Agree to the Statement of Faith of our church and to abide by the church’s Bylaws and policies

Required application documentation:

  • Resume
  • Personal testimony of own salvation
  • Personal testimony of calling
  • Ministry concepts (or Philosophy to ministry the church)
  • 3 references (minimum of 1 from a person you reported to)

Job Responsibility:

Generally, oversee all aspects of the overall English ministry

  1. Preaching, teaching and discipleship training
    Preach sermon in the Sunday worship; teach Sunday Bible classes; conduct Bible studies, give workshops and seminars on theological doctrines; discipleship; leadership recruitment, training and equipping; provide spiritual leadership in the English ministry
  • Be the principal preacher to the English congregation, preaching for at least 2 times a month;
    • As long as there is joint worship service with the youth, preach messages that are understandable and applicable to the youths as well as adults
  • Provide vision and leadership for the English ministry, formulate plan and program for the materialization of such vision, and facilitate their implementation
  • Develop strategies to strengthen fellowship groups and to help nurture and build up members’ spiritual maturity
  1. Caring and nurturing
    Provide pastoral care, regular visitation; counseling to those suffering from personal or family crisis; form caring teams; mentoring believers for spiritual growth.
  • As a minimum, visit regular members of the English congregation at least once a year
  1. Evangelism & Mission
    Promote evangelism and outreach; help 
    members to be mission-minded and encourage participation in missions.
  1. Administration & Others
  • Provide monthly ministry report to the Board of Elders and Council; and attend their meetings on a regular basis, keeping them fully informed of the general progress in the English ministry and any new initiative, seeking appropriate approval, when required
  • Participate in pastoral staff meetings; attend church leadership meetings, regional pastors meetings, as needed
  • Report to the Senior Pastor, or in absence of a Senior Pastor, the Board of Elders, who oversees the English Pastor
  • All other related ministerial duties

Procedure for Candidacy:
Any qualified candidate interested in this position should apply by sending an email to pastoralsearchcommittee@cgcm.org.

February 17th, 2018

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聯繫信息(Contact Information)



October 26th, 2017

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September 21st, 2017

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September 13th, 2017

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由于教会退休会(9/8~9/10)的原因,9/10 周日教会中英文堂崇拜取消。

Due to church retreat(9/8~9/10), both Chinese and English worship services at church are cancelled.

August 29th, 2017

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Retreat information:

June 11th, 2017

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親愛的弟兄姊妹:請選擇您禁食的日期以及時間(早、中或晚餐),您可以選擇一次或者多次禁食的時間。在您所選擇的時段裏,除了為教會的聘牧禱告 – 求神為教會預備一位主任牧師之外, 並請按不同的星期,在禱告中記念以下的事項:

1/22 – 1/28 自己與神的關係
Relationship between you and God
Turn towards God with the rest of the church body; and rekindle the fire of prayer
1/29 – 2/4 自己的家庭關係
Relationship between you and your family
Christ be the Lord , salvation reaching to all families
2/5 – 2/11 自己的人際關係
Your own inter-relational status
Loving fellowship, special prayer for the physically/spiritually weak church members
2/12 – 2/18 自己的職場關係
Relationship at work
Pray for pastors and church leaders, with mutual support
2/19 – 2/25 自己的恩賜配搭
Effective use of your gifts
Spiritual revival, being a living sacrifice for God
2/26 – 3/2 自己的建造成長
Your own spiritual growth
Be alert and wait upon the Lord, serving in unity

January 24th, 2017

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2017 Spring Festival Flyer
2017 CGCM 春节晚会海报 (pdf version)

January 24th, 2017

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The following new schedule for Sunday Cantonese worship will be started from 1/1/2017.

Time: Sunday 9:45am ~ 11:10am

Location: CGCM B4 (basement).


時間:周日 9:45am ~ 11:10am


December 11th, 2016

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Speakers: Rev Raymond and Mrs Priscilla Lee (李卓民牧師,李黃慧恂師母)
Topic: “Christian Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups: The Ups and Downs” (基督徒创业的起起伏伏)
Time: Dec 9 (Friday) 7:45 PM
Place: CGCM Old Sanctuary

December 1st, 2016

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