2017 CGCM Cantonese Congregation coworker team
leads coworkers   years of service for the leads service expiration
Coordinator Darin 2 12/31/17
Assistant Coordinator Chanson 2 12/31/18
Worship Donna Steven Chanson 2 12/31/18
Caring Julie Maria Lilla Dora Jackie 2 12/31/18
Bible study Jo Donna Dominic Sunny Chanson 2 12/31/18
Sunday school Tuan Hermia  Dominic
Newcomer Dominic Julie Frances
Small group Patrick  Cecilia  Jenny  Julie
Communion prep Julie (even) Rita (odd)
 Sermon translator  Jo  Wilson  Ronnie
 Treasurer  日珊
Communion team Tony Raymond Jo Dominic
Projector Raymond Sunny Tuan
Webmaster Darin


2016 CGCM Cantonese Congregation coworker team
leads coworkers   years of service for the leads service expiration
Coordinator Tony 2 12/31/16
Assistant Coordinator Darin 2 12/31/16
Worship Donna Steven Donna 2 12/31/16
Caring Jenny Maria Lilla Julie Jackie 2 12/31/16
Bible study Joe Chanson Dominic Sunny Tuan 2 12/31/16
Sunday school CK Darin Tuan 2 12/31/16
Newcomer Frances Dominic Julie 2 12/31/16
Treasurer 日珊 2 12/31/16
Small group Patrick/Carol/Julie 2 12/31/16
Men’s group Tony 2 12/31/16
Lady’s group Juliana 2 12/31/16
Communion team Tony Raymond Joe Dominic
Projector Raymond Sunny Tuan Denny
Webmaster Denny

General Guideline

1) This document is served as a general guideline for Cantonese coworker structure. It is a working document. It is expected to be updated and fine tuned in the future.

2) The start and end committed service dates for all the leads should be the same. There is exception based on individual issue and should be reviewed by the leads case by case.

3) When a new coordinator is elected for a new 2 years term, all the leads should be either extended for another 2 years term or replaced by other members.

4) 3 months before the end of the 2 years term, the leads and coworkers should start the transition plan for the next 2 years term.

5) We will implement a new mechanism for the chair and vice chair’s service term in order to provide stability and continuity of their services in our Cantonese fellowship. In the past, we found that there was a small fault in the process because both new chair and new vice chair are on board at the same time. They both have the heart to serve but might not have the hand on experiences to take on the roles immediately. Here is the new mechanism.
a) During the vice chair’s first year service, he will assist and partner with the chair and learn as much as he could about the chair’s roles and responsibilities, functional operation, internal and external communication, event planning and scheduling, risk assessment and coordination between departments.
b) In the vice chair’s second year term, he will be promoted to the chair. The coworker will need to find a new vice chair to repeat step one above.
c) With this mechanism, we will need to vote for new vice chair at the end of each year and at the same time, promote vice chair to chair.
d) The length of the chair and vice chair’s services are the same 2 years but they are just staggering.
e) The chair will have one year opportunity to train the vice chair in the chair’s second year term so the vice chair will be equipped to take on the chair’s role in the second year.
f) This is also a mechanism Lowell Cantonese fellowship uses for many years. It has been working well as I know.